estate agency training

It only takes a cursory glance on sites such as Rightmove to see which agencies use professional photographers and which rely on their own sometimes limited skills and resources. Yet photography plays such an important part in property marketing it simply doesn't make sense to advertise a property not looking its best. In today's highly competitive market where first impressions count more than ever, eye catching images with maximum impact will give you the edge over your competitors.


Having considerable experience of both photography training and property photography I have designed a training programme specifically designed to teach agency staff how to take professional looking images. The course, designed to fit neatly into one working day, will cover the following:


How to set up your camera to take the best internal and external shots.

Outside the property: Setting up and taking the best shots.

Internal shots: Room preparation, camera skills, lighting and composition.

Back at the office. How to bring out the best on your images on the computer

Exporting images for print and internet.



The ability to offer images of a high standard as part of a standard selling package is an

incentive which will appeal to many astute vendors as well as enhancing your own professional reputation.

To discuss the matter further call 07896 023562 or use the Contact form.





Will I need to buy any new equipment?


No, I will aim to help you get the best out of what you have already. If, however, you decide to upgrade your equipment and need advice on what to get I would be happy to do this.


What about software?


I'm going to recommend using an inexpensive but powerful programme for working on your images. It is available initially as a free download if you wish to try it out first. Again, I can advise on what to get if you're unsure.


What are the costs? 


£350 for agencies within a 50 radius of my home near Ashford in Kent. Anything further away may incur an additional charge.