New  date! street photography masterclass in london's east end with guest tutor rob irving

sunday 24th september 2017

This one-day workshop would suit anyone who wanted to combine mastering their camera with exploring the East End of London and all it has to offer.




The only way to operate the camera for creative repeatable results is in manual mode. DSLR’s have a great deal of functionality, much of which is unnecessary, all of which will be explained, it’s much simpler than you think!


The workshop’s focus, the goal of all photographers, is to learn how to take beautifully pleasing repeatable results, every time you take your camera out. Shooting in manual is the starting point and with that onboard, great emphasis will be on understanding light and composition.


The workshop starts in a coffee shop in London’s vibrant East End, where we shall discuss the plan for the day. It’s then out into the streets to explore both the iconic landmarks but also the lesser known gems that this fabulous part of the city has to offer. Throughout the day Robert will be passing on his expert advice, tailored to your specific needs, with considered feedback throughout. Though comfortable walking shoes are a must, we will also have time to stop for refreshments, chatting about photography all the way.


What we’ll be doing:


Shooting exclusively in manual – and mastering it. Learning to see beautiful light – and how to expose for it. Creative composition giving your images that wow factor. Advice about developing your own personal photographic style. Plenty of personal feedback. You will learn both how to fully control your digital camera as well as understand the fundamentals of photography, including how to make correct exposures through the comprehension of the relationship between aperture, shutter speed and ISO.


Course requirements:


A digital (or Film) SLR which can be operated in Manual Mode. A pair of comfortable walking shoes


Rob Irving

I worked with Rob at the British Academy of Photography, where he teaches photography up to post graduate level. His style of teaching is lively and engaging, and perfectly suited to this type of course.  


Tutor Rob Irving
Tutor Rob Irving


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Street Photography Masterclass 24.09.17